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Solar powered lamps for thousand Tamil homes in Eastern Sri Lanka

Solar powered lamps for thousand Tamil homes in Eastern Sri Lanka

Date: 02/01/2016

Ilankai Tamil Sangam USA in close co-operation with the U.S Rotary clubs in Northern New Jersey executed a project to extend our hands to set-up 1000 poor Tamil families with Solar Panels that would provide electricity in their shacks. Each Solar Panel will cost $50. The Solar Panels are the size of a lap-top (12x15 inches) and will be purchased locally in Batticaloa.

This project was executed because of the technical expertise at the Eastern Technical institute (ETI) in Batticaloa. The ETI was set-up by Fr. Lloyd Lorio an American missionary who came to Ceylon 60 years ago. The ETI technical staff will set the equipment. In addition, they will Repair and Maintain the Solar Panels and the associated battery for the families. The ETI technicians can support the panels for over 5 years.

With Solar Panel and electricity; the children can study & read at night. The parents can cook and do house work at night. The children had to study before the sun went down. Now they can play and take part in school activities before sun-down. The parents do not have to buy kerosene any more. They can use the money for buying necessary food/medicines. The parents do not have to live with the fear that a child will knock a kerosene lamp and the hut may catch fire. Children will not get burnt with fire anymore. If a child/adult is sick at night with the flip of an electric switch there is light to take care of the emergency at hand. Most of all, the quality of life of these poor is tremendously improved overnight.

Please consider a donation. Please go to to donate. Alternatively you can also mail a check payable to “Ilankai Tamil Sangam”and addressed to “Ilankai Tamil Sangam, P.O.Box 46, Maryknoll, NY, 10545”.