Past Projects /

Below are the current humanitarian and human rights projects executed by Ilankai Tamil Sangam

Cyclone Burevi Flood Relief Fund
Date: 12/12/2020
Heavy rainfall and cyclone Burevi has caused considerable damage to the coastal areas of the North-East of Sri Lanka. The torrential rainfall during the first week of December deluged Jaffna, blocking movement and causing severe damages to residential areas and businesses. A great number of houses, businesses and farmlands located at a low altitude have already submerged under water as a result of heavy downpours throughout the week. It is estimated around 70,000 people have been affected by the Cyclone Burevi, causing some to be displaced. This project aims to alleviate the suffering.

Ganesh - Kiruba Music Group/ Artists donation
Date: 12/12/2020
ILankai Tamil Sangam, USA has broadcasted a brilliant performance from Ganesh-Kiruba orchestra group with their artists during the live streaming event of Sangamam 2020. As you all know these artists are struggling as the shows are impacted by the global pandemic. If you are in appreciation of their talent and would like to support them during these difficult times, use the donate button or link below to contribute via paypal.

COVID-19 Relief Fund for Tamils in Sri Lanka
Date: 03/20/2020
Ilankai Tamil Sangam America has set up an emergency fund to assist Tamil families impacted by the COVID-19 in Sri Lanka. The fund will be used to provide relief for families dependent on daily wages and also any families with health issues due to COVID-19. Sangam will be partnering with local NGOs to provide the essential supplies as many families that dependent on daily wages are drastically impacted by the lockdown implemented due to Covid -19.

Recreation with Nutrition (RENU) Program for children in the northern province of Ilankai
Date: 04/01/2019
Ilankai Tamil Sangam is pleased to announce the commencement of RENU Program 2019 in Killinochchi and Mulaitivu districts. 553 Children from the following 6 schools have enrolled into the sports program which provides them a nutritional meal during practice/matches. This time due to the situation in the Island, the practice sessions will run for only 3 weeks followed by finals. 1.Santhapuram Kalaimagal Vidyalayam 2.Murippu Vigneswara Vidyalayam 3.Visvamadu Maha Vidyalayam 4.Udayarkaddu Maha Vidyalayam 5.Barathy Maha Vidyalayam 6.Kanagambikai Vidyalayam

Human Rights Fund
Date: 02/10/2019
Ilankai Thamil Sangam Human Rights Fund

Vanni Flood Relief Fund
Date: 12/19/2018
To provide relief for the flood victims and devastation in north and east of Sri Lanka impacted by Cyclone Burevi

Project to Help Upcountry Tamils in Sri Lanka:
Date: 11/12/2017
The upcointry community has been suffering from social and economic deprivation for a long time. This is a small scale project to teach computer skills to youngsters in the area. Local NGO will be overseeing the project.

Project Amparai
Date: 08/04/2017
In marking their Ruby Jubilee Celebrations, Ilankai Tamil Sangam America, will initiate a multi year mega program in the Amparai district to provide various assistance to 44 tamil villages. The program consists project such as providing financial and fishery equipment assistance to tamil fishermen, fishery marketing project to assist other families that are living under poverty, financial and technical assistance to farming families headed by single mothers and educational and technical assistance to younger generation. We plan to initiate the implementation of projects from the village of “Karaitheevu”, We will be assisted by the Educational and Cultural Organization for Strengthening Society in Amparai. Proceeds from our Ruby Jubilee AGM will be allocated to run this project for multiple years. We intend to go from Village to village liberating them from poverty, social injustices and colonization. We encourage Tamil Americans to contribute generously toward

International Legal Fund
Date: 04/26/2017
Our international legal fund is established to collect donations that will be used towards the activities that call for the international investigation for the war crimes committed in Sri Lanka. The fund will be used to pay for the services provided by human right lawyers who represent the Tamil civilians and any forensic investigation that will be carried out to continue the process of documenting the crimes against humanity committed against Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka.

Orphanage Fund
Date: 04/06/2017
Ilankai Tamil Sangam America has established an orphanage fund with the intention of providing temporary help to Orphanages in Northern and eastern Sri Lanka. While the long term projects that resolve and address the fundamental issues are executed by Sangam and our partner in Charitable activities NOWWOW organization, donations from the orphanage fund will be used to provide temporary help such as food, clothing and school supplies. Please find more details and needs at the project page.