Past Projects /

Below are the current humanitarian and human rights projects executed by Ilankai Tamil Sangam

Project Amparai
Date: 08/04/2017
In marking their Ruby Jubilee Celebrations, Ilankai Tamil Sangam America, will initiate a multi year mega program in the Amparai district to provide various assistance to 44 tamil villages. The program consists project such as providing financial and fishery equipment assistance to tamil fishermen, fishery marketing project to assist other families that are living under poverty, financial and technical assistance to farming families headed by single mothers and educational and technical assistance to younger generation. We plan to initiate the implementation of projects from the village of “Karaitheevu”, We will be assisted by the Educational and Cultural Organization for Strengthening Society in Amparai. Proceeds from our Ruby Jubilee AGM will be allocated to run this project for multiple years. We intend to go from Village to village liberating them from poverty, social injustices and colonization. We encourage Tamil Americans to contribute generously toward

Solar powered lamps for thousand Tamil homes in Eastern Sri Lanka
Date: 02/01/2016
lankai Tamil Sangam USA in close co-operation with the U.S Rotary clubs in Northern New Jersey executed a project to extend our hands to set-up 1000 poor Tamil families with Solar Panels that would provide electricity in their shacks. Each Solar Panel will cost $50. The Solar Panels are the size of a lap-top (12x15 inches) and will be purchased locally in Batticaloa.