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Cyclone Burevi Flood Relief Fund
Date: 12/12/2020
Heavy rainfall and cyclone Burevi has caused considerable damage to the coastal areas of the North-East of Sri Lanka. The torrential rainfall during the first week of December deluged Jaffna, blocking movement and causing severe damages to residential areas and businesses. A great number of houses, businesses and farmlands located at a low altitude have already submerged under water as a result of heavy downpours throughout the week. It is estimated around 70,000 people have been affected by the Cyclone Burevi, causing some to be displaced. This project aims to alleviate the suffering.

Ganesh - Kiruba Music Group/ Artists donation
Date: 12/12/2020
ILankai Tamil Sangam, USA has broadcasted a brilliant performance from Ganesh-Kiruba orchestra group with their artists during the live streaming event of Sangamam 2020. As you all know these artists are struggling as the shows are impacted by the global pandemic. If you are in appreciation of their talent and would like to support them during these difficult times, use the donate button or link below to contribute via paypal.